ClientiGO Electric Bikes

ProjectBrand strategy and identity, website redesign, awareness campaign and 360° content strategy

RoleArt direction, UX / UI design, development, marketing strategy, digital campaigns, social media management (SMO), content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), media planning

SpecsCraft CMS & CraftCommerce

iGO is positioning itself as a pioneer in Canada's eBike industry. To reflect its growth ambitions, this Canadian company needed a modern and attractive brand platform for its various target markets.

In the essence of iGO lies a thrilling energy, an energy that transcends barriers and aspires to revolutionize and democratize the electric movement. Every turn in their history is marked by the desire to create an unforgettable electric mobility experience for all those who choose to saddle up one of their quality bikes. At the heart of this company beats the heart of a quest that goes back to family roots, a quest to make joy and freedom a reality accessible to all.

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New brand strategy

Change your perspective and drive differently with iGO

The challenge presented to LEEROY is captivating: to conceive, frame and propel a strategy where electric mobility is not a luxury, but a reality shared by all. In this adventure, our desire is to amplify the brand's deep passion for engineering, intelligent design and technological innovation. Through our collaboration, we bring to life iGO's mission: to enable everyone to explore the world around them, fully and without limits, while celebrating the revolutionary potential of electric mobility.

Rebranding - Ride this way with iGO

Our collaboration with iGO marked a decisive turning point in the reinvention of their brand image. It revolves around a warm color palette, fusing forest green evoking nature, bright lime recalling energy, vitamin orange symbolizing enthusiasm, deep sky blue representing exploration, and tones that inspire both an urban surface and a natural ambience.

The logo underwent a complete transformation. First, to reach a wider, more urban audience, and then, to capture the essence of iGO in an innovative way. It is now modular, like the spokes of a wheel in motion, symbolizing the dynamis and constant progress of electric mobility.

Beyond the visual elements, our approach is deeply rooted in iGO's philosophy, which aims to propel daily commutes and improve people's quality of life. iGO's electric power transcends boundaries, enabling everyone to push back their horizons: greater distances, once insurmountable climbs made ridiculously easy, exhilarating descents and exceptional excursions. For us, it's a testament to our commitment to bringing bold visions to life.

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Website redesign

The new iGO website, designed with meticulous expertise, is much more than just an online shop window. Using the power of Craft CMS and integrating Omnisend CRM, we've created a solid, fluid and omnichannel customer experience.

Every element of the site has been thoroughly designed to simplify and enrich the user journey. The site goes beyond the purchase, offering a true resource for cyclists: exploring the unique dimensions of each bike, easy access to essential technical information for registration, maintenance, parts ordering and self-repairs, making it easy to choose the perfect model. In addition, it offers the possibility of receiving exclusive offers and personalized content, strengthening the brand's engagement with its community.

The pillars of this digital experience are iGO's leadership position in the North American electric bike market, the ease of discovery of its complete offering, the autonomy offered to customers in their quest for practical information, the efficient management of content by the iGO team, and above all, the ongoing satisfaction of customers throughout their digital journey. With this site, iGO redefines what it means to offer an exceptional customer experience in the world of electric bikes.

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Content strategy

Elevate and bring to life the promises of iGO in a new brand ecosystem

We collaborated with iGO to create a brand experience unlike any other. Our integrated annual content strategy is the solid foundation on which iGO's value proposition rests, and it unfolds seamlessly across all digital touchpoints.

With a dynamic presence on social platforms, the creation of informative and captivating blog posts, newsletters designed with automated marketing as well as targeted campaigns that coincide with key corporate moments and the customer journey, we have accompanied iGO in the planning of high-potential strategic actions. Our initiatives are not limited to superficial content; they are designed to create a tangible impact on the company, generating positive spin-offs both strategically and in terms of business results.

With our approach, we've not only elevated iGO's promises, we've also translated them into an exceptional digital experience. In addition to creating content for the brand, we are also the guides that have set iGO apart from the competition and authentically connected it with its community. The future is full of promise, and with iGO, we're ready to make it happen.

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Notoriety campaigns

Planned in close collaboration with our media and PR partners, the launch campaign for the new creative brand platform goes far beyond expectations. It encompasses a panoramic advertising rollout that captures attention on a larger scale, a video brand manifesto that tells the iGO story with emotion, and an influencer marketing strategy that connects them authentically with their audience.

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Our core mission at LEEROY is to elevate our customers' brands and position them in an ever-changing digital world. Thanks to the magnificent work of our team, we have succeeded in elevating iGO to the level of great sports brands, by combining our marketing and web expertise. We believe in building brand awareness that exceeds the norm, and our deepest gratitude lies in our commitment to consistently meeting all our customers' needs.

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