Lemay Michaud



RoleUX / UI design, development on Craft CMS

SpecsVue.js, Nuxt, GSAP, GraphQL & CraftCMS

LemayMichaud is an architecture and design firm that enjoys finding original and sustainable solutions, from conception to completion. The company integrates ecological practices and cutting-edge technologies to create functional, energy-efficient spaces. We had the pleasure of being commissioned to redesign their website in order to showcase the company's expertise, to position LemayMichaud as a prime example in the field of architecture and design, and to enhance its new visual identity with a striking, intuitive site.

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The website redesign aimed to present the company's many solutions in a creative and structured way, while setting it apart from the competition. Particular attention was paid for optimal visitor engagement, using animated particles, interactive modules, and minimalist lines to qualify the site's artistic direction. Dynamic visual elements, a pleasing interface, and clear navigation were used to deliver an elevate user experience. In addition, content management was simplified through the use of a customized CMS: Craft CMS, a Leeroy signature.

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