Ultra-Trail Monarque

ClientUltra-Trail Monarque

ProjectBranding, website and merchandising

RoleIdentity, art direction and web development


Ultra-Trail Monarque is a sporting and environmental event consisting of a 4,500 km foot race. In late summer 2023, ultra-marathoner Anthony Battah will accompany monarch butterflies on their winter migration from Canada to Mexico, with the aim of drawing attention to the existential threat to this important pollinator. Our design expertise was called upon to create the brand identity, microsite and several print and digital assets.

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The objective of the mandate was to create an inspiring, playful and positive brand identity to support this important environmental movement. We wanted this new identity to be colorful and approachable to people of all ages, with an emphasis on the younger generation, shining a light on the importance of biodiversity and saving the monarch butterfly population.

The Monarch butterfly as muse

To create this brand identity, we turned directly to the Monarch butterfly, an undeniable source of inspiration. We drew on its colors, patterns and nurturing floral ecosystem: the rounded logo borrows the features of the monarch's wings, with its curves and connections. It embodies simplicity and joy, captivating adults and children alike. To convey the event's message, we created two symbols: the main one is that of the monarch's migration, inspired directly by the migratory path it takes and the one that Anthony will be running, while the second comes from the butterfly flower, representing the end goal of planting seeds along the Anthony's path, to create rest stations for butterflies to nourrish themselves on their long journeys. The colors are derived from the tones of the monarch butterflies and their environment. The motifs and frames, meanwhile, come from the nature-oriented Art Deco artistic movement. To support the event, a whole range of products have been created: wrapping for the RV that will accompany the race, posters, merchandise, and much more.

It's been a real pleasure to contribute our design expertise to this cause, and to create a new, positive brand identity. The team is now ready at the starting line to accompany Anthony Battah and his family through the first kilometers of this noble and incredible marathon!

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